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Record Marketing Campaign Data

Handy & Easy-to-use platform for analyzing order data and smart tools you need to manage, monitor and analyze influencer marketing programs at scale.
Activitiy by
Tom Cook
Wade Cooper
Arlene Mccoy
Tom Cook
Devon Webb
Google AdsSpring 2022
Spent $21,500 — Revenue: $55,600
Pinterest AdsMahad Gunn Post - Nov 2021
Spent $47,100 — Revenue: $42,600
Bella Guerrero Instagram
Paid: $5,600
Aine Robertson Facebook
Paid: $2,600
Smart Report
Generate marketing reports.
CampaignSpring 2022Include
Returning Customers
71,400 Customer — 1,450 Purchases
$145K revenue
New customers
121,100 Customer — 9,850 Purchases
$278K revenue
Guest customers
81,450 Customer — 6,150 Purchases
$60K revenue

Track Every Purchase

Analyze Campaign Performance

Adjust spending budget for your next campaigns & generate smart reports.

Campaign-Driven Data
Review & monitor purchase data via our online platform that is uniquely for the several types of promotion campaigns.
Record of User Journey
Access and tracking most accurate purchase data by measuring each user activity and source of visit instead of aggregated data.
Real-time Tracking
Up to date purchase data in realtime online dashboard with team-management feature that allows several teams including marketing to create, review and access specific categorized data.
All-in-one Data Platform
Bring all in one influencer marketing platform to being able accurately report on impact, spend, and improve performance over time.
Comprehensive Campaign Adjustments
Define custom required fields for each campaigns, saving them as draft and active based on time schedule to result a most-accurate reports per each campaign.
Dynamic Perfect Reports
Generate accurate reports of campaign expenses and revenue based on several custom filters that allows you to compare campaigns behaviors

Simple, easy-access but full-data reports

Simple, easy-access but full-data reports Solutions →
Setup the tracking code in less than 5 minutes, online help & documentation. Reports based on essential & only-valuable data & are displayed in the simplest way that is very easy to learn onboard more people, and use.

Ready to dive in? Save more for your next camapigns.

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