How StatPrive Works & Helps Simple Platform, Accurate Data & Smart Reports

StatPrive can prevent losing money by providing accurate campaign-based reports.
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Marketing Analytics Steps How StatPrive Works & Helps

Save money, spend wisely & understand where your KPIs are coming from.


Collect Purchase Data

Simple integration & easily make sense of data without any code. Collecting purchase data from your store.

Generate Smart Reports

Generate unique reports based on your data, monitor and analyze campaign performance & spending.

Adjust Future Campaigns

Adjust your future promotion campaigns and spending based on report results and data.


All Data
Into One Platform

A platform that allows to easily and efficiently access all your data into one. keep track of a handful of metrics to govern the performance. Connecting, cleaning and aggregating numerous data sources made easy when you have them all into one place.

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Unlimited Productive Features

Analyze your campaign data and to make the most of your marketing efforts.

Track Customer Visit

Track customer behavior once they land on your website until place an order. Record the analytics data of the customer journey.

Smart Data-Collection

Gathering data and purchase tracking with several methods, like promoting a campaign by an influencer via a short link or a coupon.

Record of Transactions

Combine report data with transaction data of spending budget to generate accurate marketing required data and KPIs for each campaign.

Smart Dynamic Campaigns

Collect purchase data for each campaign individually based on given criteria to generate independent reports and adjust future marketing campaign performance.

Ready to dive in? Save more for your next camapigns.

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