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Our all-in-one smart platform allows you to add & manage your contracts with influencers, manage your transactions, track their revenue stream, adjust your campaigns and spending with influencers. You can generate unlimited marketing reports for each influencer, contract, campaign, market, coupons & activities, and even more.
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statprive marketing analytics platform, influencers marketing
StatPrive - Event-Driven Performance Analytics

Accurate & Realtime

Realtime trackable data of your online shop purchases with accurate result calculations.
StatPrive - Event-Driven Performance Analytics

Links & Campaigns

Generate auto-short-links to share with influencers or at the promotion network to track result purchases accurately.
StatPrive - Event-Driven Performance Analytics

Coupons Tracking

Create and share coupons to track specific purchases based on shared coupons to see the behaviour of coupon campaigns.
statprive marketing analytics platform, influencers marketing


All-In-One Marketing Platform

An online platform to help for the special requirements in multi-type promotion & marketing campaigns. A simple online all-in-app platform that is simple to use but comprehensive features and options for every purpure could be used by several teams & marketing people. Request Demo →
statprive marketing analytics platform, influencers marketing


Personalized follow-up

Depending on your package, a dedicated Customer Success Manager can provide strategic and operational advice adapted to your brand to help you optimize your influencer campaigns. Request Demo →
statprive marketing analytics platform, influencers marketing


Periodic reports on collaborations

Take advantage of quarterly reviews to measure the performance of your influencer campaigns and identify areas for improvement. This is a great opportunity to plan your next activations and maximize their impact! Request Demo →
statprive marketing analytics platform, influencers marketing


constant support

Our customer support will answer your questions and help you if you encounter difficulties. They will answer by email or directly from the platform. You can also consult our Help Center and find answers to the most frequently asked questions. Request Demo →
statprive marketing analytics platform, influencers marketing


Realtime Data & Reports

Up to date purchase data in realtime online dashboard with team-management feature that allows several teams including marketing to create, review and access specific categorized data. Personal support for adding customizations and helping out to install and making sure of validating implementation of the code. Request Demo →
statprive marketing analytics platform, influencers marketing

Google Analytics

Accurate Dynamic Data

Instead of unreliable or inaccurate data in Google analytics, review & monitor purchase data via our online platform that is uniquely for the several types of promotion campaigns. Access and tracking most accurate purchase data by measuring each user activity and source of visit instead of aggregated data Request Demo →

Features & More

Benefits of using StatPrive to optimize your performance

Track Customer Journey

Track end-user behavior, activity and comprehensive data about the purchase journey. Compare and generate reports for each campaign individuals and compare the results. Generate reports, review & monitor influencer-driven or coupon-driven purchases data.

Promotion Spent Data

Adjust your promotion budget & future campaigns details based on customers activities. Prevent spending more & losing money on unworthy campaign and promotions

Monitoring Reports

Monitor your customers loyalty by reviewing new or returning customers data & Create, save as draft & schedule your campaign trackings smart reports.

Customized Settings

Custom settings to track purchases data for each campaign individuals. Follow every single promotion or campaign-driven customer journey until final purchase.

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